The success of direct farm sales continues in the Aisne

Published on Monday 23 May 2016

Union de l'Aisne

Support a local farmer, eat quality... More and more consumers are shopping directly at farms in the Laonnois.


Diversified products throughout the Laonnois

Yet, there is no shortage of direct farm sales in the Laonnois. Finding different products of everyday consumption is very easy. You want organic cereals? Go to Yves Guillot, in Grandlup. For apples, pears and potatoes, the orchard of Ébouleau will satisfy you. Asparagus? You will find them at the ferme des sables in Coucy-lès-Eppes and in many other villages. Wine ? Go taste the sparkling wine of Johan Curtil, in Corbeny. He has even set up a store there, open from Wednesday to Saturday. Even the meat is sold directly from the farmer to the consumer in the Laonnois. Daniel and Marie-Thérèse Marquet, from Montaigu, started selling chickens directly from the farm 20 years ago. Slaughterhouse, laboratory, and even store, the two breeders have given themselves the means to succeed. "Word of mouth has worked. Our clientele is essentially composed of regulars who sometimes travel 30 km to come to our place. We try to diversify, to transform our products to be able to always satisfy people. The direct sale is our only way to live, the butchers or the industrialists want to buy our products at too low a price. But it is not easy because it requires a lot of preparation upstream", admit the two breeders.