Story Of Our Company 

The CURTIL Vineyard has been a family business for 4 generations.

The planting of the vineyard in 1925-1926 by Mr. Pierre Curtil coincides with the creation of the estate, since its exploitation allows the production and the sale of a white and rosé table wine. At the same time, the company turned to a wine and beverage trading activity and home distribution. Pierre was taken prisoner as a resistant in 1944. He died in deportation.

His son Jean, with his mother Yvonne, took over the company and produced the first bottles of sparkling wine. His grandson Joël took over the business in 1973. He reconverted the family estate to the production of a quality sparkling white wine at first. A sparkling rosé was produced later.

Since 2015, the great-grandsons, Mickael and Johan have taken over the management of the CURTIL Vineyard.

The company is located in Corbeny (02), halfway between Reims and Laon since the beginning.